The objective of the institute is to promote second languages acquisition.  Belize is at the heart of Central America and has a population of 48.9% Mestizos according to the 2014 Population estimate. Consequently, speaking and writing Spanish at a professional and business level has now become a necessity. 

Giving your staff a chance to learn Spanish as a second language will better prepare them and your organization for the rapidly growing Latin population. Essentially, this will increase your opportunity for new markets, accessing regional training and forging meaning partnerships globally.


Every language should be this easy to learn

Lessons are logically laid out, with specific groups of related words in each lesson so you can absorb them all; our many conversations change ideas from sentence to sentence.


Best of all it isn't boring!

Best of all, it isn't boring. There are plenty of reasons to pay attention when attempting to learn a language, but it's easier to say than to do with some courses. Speak Out makes it easy to pay attention because there's always something going on.


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